Strategic Planning Through the Lens of Equity

  • Needs assessment regarding racial literacy among various organizational stakeholders (i.e. staff, administration, leadership, faculty, students)
  • Coaching for champion personnel
  • Development of formal Diversity and Equity structures for sustainability and longitudinal accountability
  • Consulting for university admission, faculty, and admin for (re)creating equitable hiring, admissions, and curriculum

Brave Conversations & Workshops

  • Historical overview of structural racism
  • Impact of historical policies/laws on structural racism
  • Cycle of Socialization
  • Implicit Bias
  • Examination of personal perspectives on structural racism
  • Exploring professional engagement to dismantle structural racism

Signature Talks

  • Structural racism and its impact on health equity
  • Dark Room Methodology: Bringing Light to Structural Racism
  • Stepping into your Lens: Embracing Brave Spaces

Services are designed and tailored to the organization according to needs and stage of racial literacy.